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National Geographic Fight Science

June 25, 2007

The video on the post “Knee – Scientific Proof” is a portion of this whole video.  It’s called fight science, but it’s more fight entertainment.  I’m not sure how much science was invovled in making this program.   Advertisements

Clinch and Knees

June 18, 2007

I had the opportunity to train alongside these guys while at Fairtex Pattaya and they are awesome.  This is considered the “cool-down” for the Thai fighters, they do it for 3-5 rounds after 2 hours of training.  You’ll notice the emphasis is on technique, not kneeing the crap out of your partner. Here’s another video of some […]


June 17, 2007

When you don’t know how to defend against the clinch, your nose may get rearranged like Rich Franklin’s.  There are several techniques to defend against the clinch, the simplest move is to keep your hips close to your opponent, so they don’t bend you over.  Also under-hooks and pulling in your opponent, swimming through and clinching, and […]