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Kicking – Developing Power and Speed

Kicking is one of the most used techniques in Thai Boxing and is used to set up other attacks.  In this video, you’ll notice the first drill is the multiple alternating kicks.  This is a good drill to run the last 5-15 seconds of a round, it’ll help develops your kicking speed and form.

The second drill is the single kick.  This is the time to develop the power of your kick.  Watch Yodsaenglai Fairtex’s form; the arm on the kicking leg side, slices through the air to his side, helping to generate power.  When he kicks, he raises on the ball of his foot and pivots his body to his opponent.  The only thing I teach differently is to have the non-slicing arm (opposite arm of the kicking leg), come across the face and temple in order to protect your melon.


3 Responses to “Kicking – Developing Power and Speed”

  1. this is so good this is cool training video thank you i will try it .

  2. agbeko vs mares tickets…

    […]Kicking – Developing Power and Speed « Muay Thai Techniques[…]…

  3. Johnny T’s Gym is Boltons Premier Thai Boxing club based in Bradley fold. We have also expanded our Thai Boxing club into Darwen, Blackburn….

    […]Kicking – Developing Power and Speed « Muay Thai Techniques[…]…

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