Muay Thai Techniques
Sharing Real Life Techniques of Muay Thai for the Student and Professional

Working Thai Pads

Having someone drill you on Thai pads is probably one of the more important training tools in the fighters preparation for battle and holding Thai Pads requires a great amount of skill and practice.  I’m sure some of you have had a beginner hold pads for you and it felt very akward.

Don’t watch the fighters technique, but watch the Thai Pad holders technique.  Notice he gives pressure back when the opponent strikes the pads.  There’s nothing worse than striking a pad that has no back pressure, it’s like shaking hands with someone that doesn’t squeeze your hand.  It just don’t feel right.  Also, you can work defense drills while holding pads, throw kicks, throw punches, throw knees, make the fighter work.


One Response to “Working Thai Pads”

  1. I totally agree. Holding pads is a skill to behold in itself. Here’s my post on the topic:

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