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Knee – Scientific Proof

My favorite technique and the one I’ve caused the most damage with is the straight knee. I dedicate hours of bag/pad training to develop the power and strength in my knee. The knee is the most powerful weapon in the fighter’s arsenal; it’s one of the hardest areas and can deliver the most amount of force. When a proper knee is delivered you should be using your whole body to drive the knee through your opponent.

The best way to deliver the knee is by getting your opponent in a head/neck clinch, simultaneously driving their head towards your knee, while bringing your knee to either their face or solar plexus. You should be using your whole muscle structure; abs, lats, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, etc to drive your opponent down, while driving your knee up.

Proper Location for the Hands for a Head/Neck clinch


I just mentioned the Solar Plexus and a lot of people know where it’s located, but not why it’s a favorite target for fighters. If you’ve ever been hit hard in the Solar Plexus, you know it’ll drop you fast. The solar plexus are also known as the celiac plexus or plexus c liacus. It’s basically a cluster of nerves behind the stomach and below the diaphragm. When this cluster of nerves get struck, it causes a sympathetic response in the body, which usually consists of loss of breath, cramps, and falling to the floor like a sack of pototoes. The response is just like that of leg kicks and striking the Common Peroneal Nerve (See Leg Kicks).

Solar Plexus


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  1. Hi! I’ve read your articles but I want to learn more about Yaam Sam Kum – the Thai Boxer’s walk its application, etc.


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