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Bag Training Knees

There is nothing I hate more than training on the Heavy Bag.  The benefits definetly out weight the negatives, but it’s not as fun as kicking Thai Pads or working the focus mitts.  The heavy bag helps you work on your power and endurance.  One of the ways I “fool” myself into working the bag is by:
1.  Using a Timer
2.  Isolating Techniques: Knees for a round, Leg Kicks for a Round, Jab/Hooks for a Round.
3.  Working a Circuit: 1 Round Heavy Bag, 1 Round Sit-Ups/Push-Ups/Pull-Ups

 If you have any tips or tricks feel free to post a comment.


6 Responses to “Bag Training Knees”

  1. Thanks good information!

  2. I hate working on the heavy bag as well. It just doesn’t feel fluid to me. I like reading your stuff. Keep it coming.

  3. I hear what you’re saying about the heavy bag but you just got to look at it differently, imo. Timer, isolated rounds and ciruit are all good and I use them as well. But to make things a little more exciting, I try to spar with the bag. When its swings dont stop it, let it go and readjust, it’ll keep you working on your footwork. An other thing to do is combos where you shadow punch/kick/knee the first few strikes and land the “finishing” blow. Just my two cents…and keep your guard up!

  4. really hard working …. knee bag training

  5. Most people hate the heavy bag me encluded so just get that anger out on it, I try to clinch with it to get in some hard knees, or jump in low with a knee to simulate thigh attacks.

    Do 30 or 50 push ups, 30 or 50 sit ups, 30 or 50 squats.

    Then start punching the bag jabs, strats, upper cuts, hooksand spining back arm and or elbow technieks high low or spinning.

    Then start 25 power kicks as high as you can with one leg then the other because as you get tired your leg will go lower and lower so you’ll end up trowing mid section kick and low kicks anyway so 25 high-25 mid section-25 low.

    Take a break and start speed kicking, kick the bag once not as hard as you can but as fast as you can, then 2 times, then 3 times, then 4 etc until you reach 10 times it should be 55 kicks in all resting abount 1 or 2 seconds or less between every set, then the next leg, set a time and try to break your own record.

    You can also try special technieks as found in muay buran type muay thai or climbing kicks, elbows and knees.

    You can even train with a partner to hold the bag steady or to push you harder, keep you focused by motivating you or correct you.

    Just make it fun and keep it safe

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