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Leg Kicks

Ernesto Hoost is notorious for his leg kicks. See how he sets them up before he attempts the technique. No matter how much you train, the common peroneal nerve (CPN) will sit you on your behind every time.  When the CPN is struck it causes a loss of control of the feet, calves and quadriceps.  If you strike the CPN hard enough or long enough, your opponent won’t be able to stand up.  This area can also be struck with the knee and is a very effective technique.

Just so you know where you should be kicking:



3 Responses to “Leg Kicks”

  1. You are wrong the target area is not here; for the leg kicks the target area is on the side of the thigh.

  2. are wrong…you dont kick the friggin knee..its the side of the thigh and i got one today that felt higher than where i thought it would be but it hurt. please take down the thing telling people to kick the knee.

  3. yes it’s on tha outside of the tigh just above the knee to mid way up the tigh inside or outside, and try to hit the same area every time it’s more effective, don’t kick up and down the tigh it will take longer to effectively stop your opponent from using that leg, for ofence or defence, I know I fought saterday and lost by 3 points due to the fact that I could hardly stand on my right leg to set up my attacks, after being hit time and time again on the same spot.

    Now i’m trying to recover quickly to fight the 3 of august in a revenge mach with the same guy but difrent results.

    This was my first fith in over 7 years and this guy fought regularly all these years, hes in his mid to late 20’s and i’m 46, so this time i’ll guard my leg better and attack more, well have fun and never take short cuts by attacking someones joints remember it’s just a sport not war.

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